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5 Tips To Make Your Equipment Last Longer

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Today We Will Share 5 Tips To Make Your Equipment Last Longer From An Equipment Service Company.

Let’s face it, we all have to start somewhere and with the money to be made in the world of heavy equipment it’s no shock people are flocking to the industry. There is a lot that goes into keeping your machines running strong day in and day out. We will go over 5 easy tips to get the most out of your equipment and lessen your chances of costly breakdowns.

1. Follow Equipment Maintenance Schedules

Being lazy is expensive in heavy equipment, there is no way around it. Machinery takes a lot of care, prepping, and maintenance. You have to be on top of this as an owner-operator. If you are too busy to handle the routine maintenance, no worries we can handle it all for you. Just reach out to us and schedule service!

2. Wash Equipment Regularly

Heat kills equipment, and guess what causes your equipment to run hot? You guessed it, dirt and grime. Pressure washing, and specifically hot washing (utilizing hot water to cut through excess grease) will make sure your equipment is running right. Pressure washing equipment is about the cheapest insurance you can have when it comes to heavy equipment. We offer fleet washing services and can handle this for you anytime, anyplace. We have monthly washing plans to make sure your equipment is running top-notch day in and day out.

 3. Use High-Quality Parts

This doesn’t always mean you have to use OEM parts, but make sure when performing repairs that you use the best quality, and time-tested, replacement parts out there. When we perform repairs you can rest assured that we will use the best parts available to make sure you get your money’s worth out of any repair we perform.

4. Avoid Overloading Equipment

We all are guilty of doing it from time to time, pushing that overloaded blade of dirt, taking down too much tree for the machine, or trying to use your skid steer to do things not for a skid steer.

Machines these days are built well but overloading is a ticking time bomb. When you push the machine harder than it is intended to be used bad things can and likely will happen. Aside from costly repairs, you could be putting your operator in danger as well.

Always refer to your owner’s manual and salesperson if you are unsure of the capabilities of your machines. Most of the onsite repairs we do where things break are caused by overloading and misuse.

Be smart, stay within the operating capacity and your wallet and team will thank you.

5. Perform Routine Inspections

This is hands down the easiest way to get ahead of a problem before it becomes something that stops the machine in its tracks.

Taking a few minutes each day to go over a checklist is a must-do.

No, if ands or buts. If you see an issue you can make a decision on how urgent it is, you can reach out to us to schedule a repair and ultimately know the condition of the machine.

If you are just jumping in your machine and running it each day, it is not if, it’s when you will be calling us for a massive repair that likely could have been avoided completely.

Breakdowns on heavy equipment will happen, but these above tips can help you minimize that costly breakdown and maximize your equipment productivity. If you have any issues with your equipment you can call us at 512-866-1938

Our crews work around the clock to handle any and all breakdowns you might have. We stand behind our work and make sure that your equipment is back up and running as quickly as possible.

We know that down equipment costs you money and sets you back.

We service all of Central Texas when it comes to heavy equipment repairs and would love the chance to earn your business.

Benefits of Heavy Equipment Routine Maintenance

When it comes to the benefits of heavy equipment routine maintenance the pros sure outweigh the cons. Properly maintained equipment runs longer, more efficiently, and cooler. Your equipment is your money maker, so why not do everything you can to prevent costly breakdowns. 

Our team handles on site equipment repair, and we also do on site routine services. This allows us to take care of everything you need when it comes to routine maintenance and make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment. 

With routine services, your equipment is going to run longer, and at a higher production level. More importantly you are running a lower risk for engine failures, and other very costly breakdowns. Our team comes on site and handles filter changes, fluid changes, and everything you need to keep your machines running in tip top shape. 


Benefits of Washing Heavy Equipment

The benefits of washing equipment are vast. Overall clean equipment runs cooler and more effectively. Hot washing equipment also removes excess grease and any spilled diesel. A clean machine is much less likely to have any fires in the engine bay. One of the most common causes of equipment fires, especially in the world of land clearing is debris build up. Our equipment pressure washing services can make sure your machines are clean and runnign their best.

Equipment Repair Service

When the time comes and you have an equipment breakdown, you can trust our team to make sure your equipment is repairs quickly and on budget. Our crews run around the clock and utilize the top tools on the market to make sure your heavy equipment repair is done correctly the first time. Give us a call today if you need on site heavy equipment repair.

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